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apolitical-logo-dark.png is a global network for government, helping public servants find the ideas, people and partners they need to solve the hardest challenges facing our societies.
It’s like TripAdvisor meets LinkedIn for government. A global platform for the exchange of best practices.

represent_logoh_noborder.png is a digital democracy platform to: Question, Discuss, Explain, Propose and Vote.
One of the key features is “Social Voting” based on the concept of Liquid Democracy. works with the House of Commons and all UK political parties.
It has been accepted as a government supplier on the GOV.UK Digital Marketplace.


Citibeats by Social Coin analyzes what people say to help leaders make informed decisions.

Citibeats is an AI analytics tool designed with the vision of improving cities based on the needs of the people. It helps city leaders respond to citizen concerns by providing them with relevant information to make more effective decisions. Citibeats’ proprietary machine-learning algorithm transforms a community’s natural language data into valuable intelligence that identifies and categorizes social trends empowering decision makers.


Our Dream School is a global project using crowd-sourced momentum to build a fresh vision for schools. We value direct input from children, parents, teachers - any person who loves learning! Schools now are still largely schools 'as they were 100 years ago'. Today's schools need to be totally re-imagined... We are a group of like-minded adventurers from around the world; intrepid pioneers who have joined together to create a world full of hope for our children. We will empower future generations to be happy, savvy, and enthusiastic lifelong learners. We are building the school of the future, and already opened the Barcelona Learning Innovation Centre (BLIC), a ground-breaking lab that develops new learning methodologies, creative environments and innovative technologies to provide young people with a new learning model that meets their needs and aspirations.

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